Safe place to stay while you’re away

Boarding your dog at Austin Dogtown will be like a fun trip to overnight camp for your 4-legged friend. Our ultimate goal is to create a “home-away-from-home” atmosphere for your dog. Time away from mom and dad can be scary enough for dogs—not to mention being thrown into a new place with strange smells and sounds. We want to make your dog’s time away from home as pleasant as possible—in fact, we want them to enjoy it when mom and dad leave town!

Based on temperament & personality, boarders will take part in the daycare fun during the day, while being housed in extra large crates in for eating and sleeping at night- or nap time during the day if needed. While dogs are pack animals, they also like to have their own “den”– their own special place with a blanket, toy, etc. so they feel comfortable and safe. Crates offer a nice, quiet place for retreat after a long day of play. We provide plenty of comfy bedding and toys but do encourage you to bring their food to make them feel at home (please label everything with their name!). We also offer a premium house brand food we can feed and are happy to accommodate dogs with special needs such as medication or unusual feeding.  Just let us know your dog’s special situation and we will strive to meet it!

Why not totally cage free?  At Dogtown, we feel it is important for dogs to both have downtime each day and to have a space to call their own! They are den animals and many will not go into a restorative sleep unless they feel safe and secure and know that no other dog will bother them at night. Restorative sleep means your dog stays healthy, can withstand the activity of a busy daycare environment and be in a LOT better mood because they got a good night’s sleep. Owners of active breeds (Weims, Border Collies, Labs, Goldens, etc.) must realize that their dog will fall over from complete and utter exhaustion rather than stop on their own in many cases. Dogs should also have their own space to eat. Many dogs are food aggressive or will not eat as much of their food because they are nervous of other dogs milling around. We feed the dogs twice a day, in their own space. They are able to eat and digest their food in peace.

All of that being said, some dogs do have a strong aversion to crates, and to cater to these furry friends, we offer cage-free/private room boarding on a space-available basis.

Boarding includes:

  • Full interaction and playtime with the daycare kids at no add’l charge
  • Fetch/chase/water play/sunbathing in our 3000 sq ft outside play area along with our 5000+ sq ft inside area
  • Daily pack-building exercises, reinforcing positive playtime & socialization with 2 & 4 legged friends
  • 24hour onsite care

**We love our senior pups– but because of our super stimulating environment, we are not able to take dogs 13 years and older for either boarding or daycare. **

Photos from Austin Dogtown Boarding

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