About Austin Dogtown

Austin Dogtown was founded in the fall of 2006 and has been operating in the heart of South Austin since May of 2007.  Our goal is to create a home-away-from-home environment for people to leave their furry children in when they are busy with work or away on vacation.  We are dedicated to providing the best, safest, and most fun pack environment for pups in Austin.  Dogtown is committed to running a solid, professional business and maintaining quality customer service at all times– and  giving back to the animal welfare community however possible.

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Owner, Rebecca Brannian

Dogtown is owned and operated by Rebecca (Becca) Brannian, a local Texan who has been in Austin for 25 years and caring for animals all of her life.  Becca grew up in Dallas riding horses and caring for dogs, cats, rabbits, iguanas, birds, hamsters… and basically any animal she could sweet talk her mom into bringing into the house – as well as those of her friends and family.
After years working in the “real world”, Becca decided to take the huge leap to combine her business and animal care experience to create a career that she was truly passionate about. Over the years, Becca had never felt comfortable boarding her rescue pups (Lucy- who guided her through college… and then Gypsy and Bella- who helped her grow into an adult) at a traditional boarding facility and she wanted to create someplace where she would feel safe leaving her own dogs.  Someplace where they were not locked up all day and were allowed both plenty of 2 and 4-legged friend time, in a safe and relaxed atmosphere… and so the vision of Austin Dogtown was born!
Becca plays an active roll in everything that is Austin Dogtown—from every day operations/staffing/business management and development to involvement in the rescue community—Dogtown is her life and she thinks of each of the Dogtown guests as a member of the family!  Becca’s own 4-legged family works hard every day at Dogtown; while the original canine-founders of DT have crossed the Rainbow Bridge (but will forever be watching over everyone at Dogtown), her other rescues- Leah, Annie, Chula, & Chloe continue to manage the daily grind.
*photo by http://nicolemlakarphotography.com*

General Manager, Laurie Molter

Laurie joined the Dogtown team in 2009 as invaluable team member (and Becca refers to her as the other half of her brain and truly her partner in all things Dogtown).
After graduating college and working in marketing/event planning for several years, Laurie knew that dogs were her “true” passion. She fostered over 30 dogs for Austin Dog Rescue and served on their Board of Directors for several years. She decided that she wanted to make a change to work with dogs as her “job” and it was the best decision she ever made! Austin Dogtown is the perfect fit to combine her past skills with her love for dogs. She absolutly loves taking care of your four legged children and managing such a wonderful group of dogs AND staff! Laurie and her husband have a pack of three rescue pups Travis, Irie, and Emmy…all of whom enjoy working at Dogtown every day too!
*photo by http://nicolemlakarphotography.com*


Chad K

Chad has been with Dogtown since 2012.  He is the night manager and stays onsite with his pack- Anais, Red, & Shiner the cat!  He loves giving all of the boarding dogs late night snuggles.  He is also an awesome personal trainer 🙂 https://wheypumpedtraining.com


Keagan has been with Dogtown since 2017 and works on Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday.  The pups get so pumped when she arrives for the day!


Sarah- more info coming soon!


Sarah- more info coming soon!


Maisie- more info coming soon!

Plus . . .

Becky M

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