It’s all about dogs!

  • We believe in wagging tails, cold noses, and the sound of jingling dog tags.
  • We think tennis balls provide more happiness off the court.
  • If belly scratches, ear kisses, and chew toys were on political ballots, we would vote YES every time.
  • We are okay with shedding. Drooling, too.
  • We see off-leash playtime as good and empty water bowls as bad.

We’re Austin Dogtown,

a new breed of boarding, daycare, and grooming for your furry friends. Owned and operated by Rebecca Brannian, Austin Dogtown’s indoor/outdoor facility offers over 5,000 sq ft of doggie-dedicated space in the heart of South Austin.

Our professional staff of certified “Dogtowners” are on hand to provide personalized care for your pet and ensure that each visit to Dogtown is a special “home-away-from-home” experience. After all, caring for your beloved family member is what we do.

And the way we do it is simple. We believe in letting dogs be dogs.