Their home away from home

Austin Dogtown is in the heart of South Austin at 537 Woodward- Austin- TX- 78704… just across the street from St. Edwards University.

Open for Daycare Monday through Friday

Open for Boarding 365 days a year

*Reservations Required*

General Rules

All dogs must have initial evaluation before boarding or daycare.  We want to make sure we have a good understanding of what you as a parent want for your furry friend during their stay at Dogtown. We will do our best to tailor each visit to your individual requests (within reason).  For boarding purposes, this evaluation will take place as a full day of daycare- so that we can see your dog interact with the other dogs—and let them get comfortable in our environment and make sure Dogtown is a good fit for them- we always like to make sure that the dogs know that when they are dropped off, they DO get picked up!!

  • All vaccinations must be current (Rabies, DHPP, Bordatella every 6 months). Dogs will be isolated until they can be picked up if they arrive and we determine any vaccines do not meet our requirements
  • Dogs 6 months of age and older must be spayed or neutered
  • All dogs must be on flea prevention program (not flea collars) and monthly heartworm preventative
  • Dogs must be at least 4 months of age and have completed their puppy shots series
  • All dogs must come to daycare/boarding wearing a flat collar or harness that can they can wear throughout their stay and be brought in on a leash which will be taken with you after you drop the dog off.
  • We love our senior pups– but because of our super stimulating environment, we are not able to take dogs 13 years and older for either boarding or daycare.

Please remember our cancelation policies so you won’t be charged a penalty if you need to change/cancel your reservation 


2023 Hours & Curbside Drop-off/ Pickup Protocols 

Daycare Drop off Hours:  7am- 10am

Daycare Pickup Hours:  4-6:30pm (before 6pm on eval day)

Boarding Drop off & Pickup Hours:  

Mon- Fri:  7-10am & Drop- 4-5pm / Pickup- 4-6pm

Sat & Sun:  10am & 3pm. **by appt only- no time ranges

We will continue to operate with only Dogtown staff in the building until further notice (we have found it keeps the pack MUCH calmer, happier, and safer!!)


For daycare- Please pull your car in front of the black gate area (in a “carpool line” fashion)— stay in your car if you see another customer out of theirs)- please be patient!  We will help everyone in the order that they arrive.

If you would like to stay in your car and have us come get your dog out, no problem!  Just email BOTH Laurie and Becca (&/or call) ahead of time and we will come out…We will open your door and leash your pup with a slip lead (please make sure their personal leash is already removed).


Otherwise- once you see us and we are at the door/window ready for you, bring your dog into the gated area and remove the leash (leave collars on) –and once we see you, we will come out & either leash your dog to bring them in or just call them if they’ll run right in 🙂 (make sure the iron gate stays closed until your dog is in the door).   If you are bringing lunch for your pup- please bring it in a disposable baggy with their name on it.


**If you are fully vaccinated,  feel free to leave your mask in the car– we ask that you continue to maintain social distance when possible**


For all boarding drop offs/ pickups, we will follow the same basic protocol as daycare- we ask that you only bring enough food/ meds for the visit… no bedding or toys (we will provide!).  Please bring only as much food as your pup will need (approx.) in baggies that can be tossed (no large food bags).  Please bring your pup into the gated area (remove & take the leash) & set their belongings for boarding down inside the gated area for us to grab along with your pup- we will grab the items after we get your pup safely inside.



Very similar to drop offs— Please pull your car in front of the black gate area (in a “carpool line” fashion)– one person at a time- come inside gated area with your leash- If we are unsure who you are picking up, we will open the door to ask– otherwise, we will open the door to make sure you are ready, and then let your pup out to be leashed and taken to the car.  Same thing as with drops, if you would like us to bring your dog to your car, no problem!  Just email/ call to let us know


**All payments must be processed via credit card before pickup (receipts will be emailed)- please email if you need to update your credit card on file.




Holiday Hours & Closures- 2023

Thanksgiving Week


Tues Nov 21

Wed Nov 22

Thurs Nov 23

Fri Nov 24

Boarding Drop-off/ Pickup Hours

Tues Nov 21– 10AM & 3PM *appt times/ no window

Wed Nov 22– 10AM & 3PM *appt times/ no window

Thurs Nov 23 –Thanksgiving – CLOSED

Fri Nov 24 – 10AM & 3PM *appt times/ no window

Sat Nov 25– 10AM & 3PM *appt times/ no window

Sun Nov 26– 10AM & 3PM *appt times/ no window


Christmas- New Year’s Week


Fri Dec 22

Mon Dec 25

Tues Dec 26

Wed Dec 27

Thurs Dec 28

Fri Dec 29

Mon Jan 1


Boarding Drop-off/ Pickup Hours

Fri Dec 22 – 10AM & 3PM *appt times/ no window

Sat Dec 23 – 10AM & 3PM *appt times/ no window

Sun Dec 24 – 10AM *appt time/ no window

Mon Dec 25 – Christmas Day- Closed

Tues Dec 26 –10AM & 3PM *appt times/ no window

Wed Dec 27 — 10AM & 3PM *appt times/ no window

Thurs Dec 28 — 10AM & 3PM *appt times/ no window

Fri Dec 29 –10AM & 3PM *appt times/ no window

Mon Jan 1 – 10AM & 3PM *appt times/ no window


**all holiday reservations require 21 days’ notice via email from the start of the reservation to shorten

or cancel the visit with no charge

 Austin Dogtown Videos

Checkout our “video tour” of our facility- as well as some other videos of our Dogtown dogs doing their thing!